Cabernet Franc 9dieciundici 2009/10/11

Winery: Eugenio Rosi
Region: Trentino
Grape Variety: Cabernet Franc
Products: Red
Price: 975,- Kč

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This, another of Eugenio’s creations, is a blend of Cabernet Franc from three different vintages.


The older more mature vintage is refreshed with wine from the younger vintage. “Protected by the wall which surrounds the park of the Villa de Eccher lies our experimental vineyard, a small jewel in the midst of Rovereto town. The respect for the vitality of the soil and the study of the natural development of the plant guide us in our cultural operations. A mature and healthy grape ferments spontaneously, slowly obtaining a complete extraction of the particular aromatics and color from the skin. The wine from different vintages rests together in the same cask. Simply “Cabernet Franc” to underline the essence that gives birth to this new wine.”


Originating from the organic vineyard situated in the park of the Villa de Eccher, in the historical center of Rovereto town, Cabernet Franc is the wine that allowed us to experiment with natural vinification and through this wine gave life to our other work. The grapes are fermented in open tins for a long period ranging from 40 to 50 days. This wine is obtained through interaction during the maturation of three different vintages in the same cask, where the new vintage is added to the others. This way the wine is constantly in contact with the yeasts, a system which we have dubbed “solèra a scalare” or “climbing Solera”. Vinified and matured without the use of added sulphites, it is bottled without filtering, with a minute addition of sulphites only in this final phase. It is a limited bottle production which could reach a maximum of 1800 bottles in the future. “Cabernet Franc” simply to underline the essence that gives birth to this wine.

My Tasting Notes

Immediately fresh ripe fruit and spice notes. Wood notes too but smooth. Big pepper in evidence as well as acidity that caresses. Delicious fruit, big drinkability, fresh prune juice, spicy dark nose, pepper, elderberry syrup, chocolate, pleasant drinkability, very harmonious alcoholic effect, rare filet, soil almost descending into coal or ash. This is definitely terroir-driven with a long life in front of it. Tobacco, smoky, delicate and elegant, roses, tree sap, cranberries and blackberries. The cranberries are due to the acidity and the bitter note. Velvety tannins, a small animal note, mulberry. It is beautiful, round, not tired at all, instead fresh and fruity.

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