Gavi Pisé 2012

Winery: La Raia
Region: Piemonte
Wine Area: Gavi
Grape Variety: Cortese
Products: White
Alcohol Content: 13 %
Price: 665,- Kč

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It is surprisingly long-lived, and its aroma evolves when uncorked: a constant discover of fragrance


Vine: Cortese, 70 years old

Vineyard: La Cascinetta vineyard, one of the oldest at La Raia, is 70 years old and is situated 400m above sea-level, on a south, south-west facing slope.

Winemaker’s notes
Grapes show a good suite of aromas, and a significant presence of both sweetness and acidity. They are selected while still on the vineyard and handpicked in the second half of September, being then delicately pressed. The static decantation of the must – without any oenological additives – happens at a low temperature. The moderate contact with the oxygen and the care devoted to all the transformation phases exalt the original features of the vine and of the terroir. The alcoholic fermentation lasts approximately
20/25 days, at a controlled temperature. The wine is left on the lees for 12 months and refined for another 12 months in stainless steel tanks, before being cold stabilized and then bottled. The prolonged period on the lees makes this wine long-lived, and able to evolve even when uncorked and again in the glass.

Tasting notes
Colour is brilliant light straw yellow, with greenish hints.
The aroma is broad and intense, with complex feelings and flower notes, accompanied by ripe fruit, pear and honey.
Mouthfeel is very rich, warm and harmonic, with a moderate, but present, acidity, justly savoury and with a persistent, warm finish. Once the bottle is open, the wine keeps unaltered for about 4/5 days, going through a very slow evolution mainly of its aroma, which moves from fruit and flower notes to mineral and citrus ones.
Alcohol content: 13%

Perfect pairing
Excellent with all seafood, which compliments the saltiness and fleshy delicacy. It is the perfect match also for vegetable risotto and medium aged cheese.
Best served: Between 11° and 13° C.

Perfect storage
If stored in a cool dry place, and in the dark, at 10°/18° C, bottles keep unaltered for 6/8 years.

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