Marzemino Poiema 2010

Winery: Eugenio Rosi
Region: Trentino
Grape Variety: Marzemino
Products: Red
Price: 625,- Kč

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Poiema is a product of a natural creation, which is nourished through passion and care.


Poiema is a product of a natural creation, which is nourished through passion and care. In the clay lands of the Trentino area “Ziresi”
close to Volano, the grapes from the restored Pergola vines are exposed to the sun and refreshed by breezes. The cooperation betweenman and nature continues. The naturally ripened wine is enriched by a “rigoverno” or re-fermentation with grapes that are dried in boxes. Small traditional barrels allow the wine to grow; they cradle the wine until it is gently bottled. Poiema becomes a creation, to highlight the aromatics and the elegance of the distinguished Marzemino Gentile wine. Thus a complex and sustainable product is achieved.

About the Label, by Tamara Rosi

In the face of a child infinite sensations can be perceived, in the child feelings are reflected
that have led to a unique, natural creation. It is delicate, yet carries a strong openness toward others, which we inspire with our  innermost feelings. The child communicates joy, which is triggered through a gentle melody, a lullaby, granting care and love during
the growth of a natural creation. Thus Poiema is a wine, a child, our creation, which we let grow.

My Tasting Notes

Very perfumed, it still has a note of chlorophyll which is not unpleasant. Some of the acidity is more raw and stems from unripe
fruit. Plum and maybe some skinless cherry. Warmer almost chewy chocolate alcohol tones. The three tier passage from chlorophyll
to very ripe fruit is a very pleasant combination. Mulberries (the silk tree), a breathe of straw, buttery walnut, smoky. The sweetness
of the wine is not cloying and will appeal to a wider audience. Fluctuates between Cabernet Franc character, light and sweet, and fruit, eucalyptus, earthiness, chalky rock which is also on the tannic dryness. The association to brick firing is interesting. Full yet fresh, nice spice renders is almost piquant but not aggressive, really crisper. Peppermint, chalky finish perhaps from the soil. Tannic but earthy also coming through on the aftertaste. Fine crisp plum returns. As soon as the wine entered into its balance the alcohol subsided. Beautiful Marzemino pepper character, big chocolate, the rawness of the north but beautiful notes. Salty mineral comes out later, freshness remains constant, even with a hint of animal leather.

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