Munjebel Rosso 7 10th Anniversary 2010

Winery: Frank Cornelissen
Region: Sicilia
Wine Area: Etna
Grape Variety: Nerello Mascalese
Products: Red
Price: 1 295,- Kč

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Magma is the maximum expression of the individual Contradas in the North Valley on Etna.


In 2010 Frank was set on his course to produce his top wine, Magma, something like a super Riserva that he only produces when he feels that the vintage and vinification results merit the extra mile and, accordingly, the costs involved. For his Magma Frank paints an M with Japanese caligraphy methods himself on each bottle. The 2010 harvest was over and done with, everything was set for a new Magma release... and then a typically Frank thing happened. He retasted the wine which was already aging in the hand-painted bottles, and changed his mind! Frank will only release a Magma if he feels that there is an important step up from Munjebel. Retasting Frank felt that the wine was only 94-95% of what he would expect from a Magma, and what he would expect that his clients would expect for an important wine with an important price point. So Frank declassified it!

Consequently the Munjebel Rosso 7 10th Anniversary is nearly a third the price of Magma, and as such one of the great deals of the year. The following is a technical sheet for Magma, essentially the 10th Anniversary.

Magma is the maximum expression of the individual Contradas in the North Valley on Etna. Magma is only produced in great vintages when the grape is perfectly matured, without being cooked. Only the Contradas that express a real difference for the vintage are bottled individually.
From 2006 Frank is concentrating solely on the vineyards in Contrada Barbabecchi (between 910-1,010 m) for Magma. The label always has the indication VA next to the number (edition) of Magma, VA stands for Vigne Alte.
The soil composition is lavic, volcanic, pure basalt rock. The subsoil is pure basalt. The exposition is north. For this wine different vineyards in the North Valley on Etna are used.

Munjebel Rosso VA is pure Nerello Mascalese, with a majority of ungrafted vines. Magma is produced only in the grand cru vineyard Contrada Barbabecchi, in the lower as well as the upper part. It is impossible to give an exact figure as the the vineyard extension that goes into making this wine, since many grapes end up in the Rosso del Contadino. In general, the vines that are destined to create this wine are are from the highest reaches (between 910 a 980 m). The yield per plant for Magma is 300gr. The youngest plants are 70 years and the oldest over 110 (pre-phylloxera).  A banal generic average age estimation would be over 80 years.

Crushing of the grapes by foot. Fermentation with the whole grape (without stems) in 250-400l terracotta jars. Pressing of the skins after the malolactic fermentation around May. Aging in terracotta jars for 6-14 months depending on the wine. Bottling during the appropriate moon phase in May/June or December/January.

The wine has a total sulphite level of 5mg/l which the wine develops naturally. The level depends on the vintage. No products are added.Depending on the vintage the production is between 0 and 1,500 bottles per year.


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