Riesling Auslese Fahrlay 2006 37.5cl

Winery: Clemens Busch
Region: Mosel
Grape Variety: Rhine Riesling
Products: White
Price: 1 195,- Kč

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The name Fahrlay means where the ferry docks, and in fact this vineyard is right next to the dock. It is the only terroir in the Pünderich Marienburg where blue slate dominates. Blue slate is the rarest type of slate with a high concentration of iron ore in the rock. This brings out extreme concentration and special mineral character in wines.

2006 was the perfect Auslese vintage. Ripeness was extreme, Clemens leaves his berry selections up to a month longer on the vine than his neighbors. NB. I’m not kidding. During the 2012 harvest I visited Clemens in October and a second time a month later in November. During the first visit all of Clemens’ neighbors were frantically picking and driving tractors. Clemens was at home. A month later Clemens was busy picking, while the rest of Pünderich was quiet, with grapes already fermenting in the cellars. The result was incredible sugar levels, both on his Spätlese wines (for wine geeks some of his Spätlese wines had 65 g/l residual sugar with 13.5 alcohol!) and his Auslese. This Auslese has a 185 g/l residual sugar level with long, harmonious fermentation and beautiful acidity to match. If your experiences so far with sweet wines has been it’s sweet, and only sweet, with a sweet cloying finish, do yourself a favor and taste this Auslese Fahrlay.

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