Riesling Marienburg GG Rothenpfad 2013

Winery: Clemens Busch
Region: Mosel
Grape Variety: Rhine Riesling
Products: White
Price: 1 195,- Kč

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Red slate is a million year compaction of mainly clay soil, which brings out a round almost sweet character in Riesling with a spicy note.

GG is an important abreviation for Grosses Gewächs or grand cru. Under the new legislation, in order to qualify as GG, a wine must be a 1. lage, a grand cru terroir, in this case Marienburg, and mus have under 12 g/l residual sugar, in other words Germanly-speaking a dry Riesling.

Rothenpfad is a large red slate vineyard which Clemens owns most of, lying slightly further south-west of his other parcels, though attached. If you are looking at a panoramic photo of his vineyards Rothenpfad is the large vineyard to the left of the train tunnel above the tracks. The exposure and river influence, natural vineyard management and enough crop to differentiate qualities, allows Clemens to produce a special red slate bottling which is Rothenpfad.

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