Riesling Spätlese Fahrlay Terrassen 2006

Winery: Clemens Busch
Region: Mosel
Grape Variety: Rhine Riesling
Products: White
Price: 1 175,- Kč

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The name Fahrlay means where the ferry docks, and in fact this vineyard is right next to the dock. It is the only terroir in the Pünderich Marienburg where blue slate dominates. Blue slate is the rarest type of slate with a high concentration of iron ore in the rock. This brings out extreme concentration and special mineral character in wines.

The German wine legislation has been undergoing changes for the past few years, and the Spätlese classification no longer exists, but thankfully we have been able to acquire a some bottles from 2006. The Fahrlay-Terrassen grand cru is unchanged. We are in the middle of gray slate Fahrlay, between two boulders that are very visible from the other Uffer, from Clemens’ house. The Fahrlay-Terrassen are the most important Fahrlay position as well as the oldest vines with an average of 65 years.

2006 was another fabulous vintage. The hot weather resulted in dramatically high sugar content and very ripe grapes which Clemens as usual left to their own devices. The result is a powerful and elegant wine, with the added dimension of showing slightly more aged Riesling, which is very interested for Riesling aficionados.

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