Rosso di Valtellina 2013

Winery: AR.PE.PE.
Region: Lombardia
Grape Variety: Chiavennasca a.k.a. Nebbiolo
Products: Red
Price: 675,- Kč

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Chiavennasca (Nebbiolo) 100%. Massal selection from their own vineyards of 50-100 years, as well as a clonal Valtellina selection from the Fojanini Foundation. The grapes for Rosso are sourced from 350-400 m in Sassella and Grumello over an extension of 5ha. Plant density is 5,500-6,000 vines/ha. The average age of vine is 50 years, varying from 10-100 years. A Guyot Simonit & Sirch training system with vineyard row planting north-south to favor sunlight effect on the vineyard and to avoid too intensive heat during the hottest hours of the day.

The vineyard is left to grass with midget species. Grass is cut by hand.  Vines are trained through a double-wire system and crowns are cropped.  The soil composition is loamy-sand with an acidic pH. Exposure is south-east - south-west. The Rosso was harvested on 10 October 2011. The lowest vineyards in altitude are dedicated to the Rosso, where the grapes mature earlier and a larger yield of 70q/ha is left on the plant.
The mass is blended in cement after nine months in 50hl wood barrels. Spontaneous fermentation. A short cold (natural) maceration of 24-48 hours followed by a pied de cuve fermentation start. Then follow four days of maceration in 50hl wood barrels. In other words, fermentation and maturation takes place in wood, then three months in cement and at least six months in the bottle before being released on the market. Clarification is only done, with egg albumen, if required. A gross carton filtration of 20 microns takes place prior to bottling.
The goal is to present a Valtellina Nebbiolo with a short maceration to accentuate a more intense fruit character and less tannic structure.


Alcohol: 13.26%
Residual sugar: Less than 1gr
Total acidity: 5.51 g/l
Total sulphites: 47 mg/l
Free sulphites: 20 mg/l
pH: 3.68
Yield per plant: 1-1.2kg

Wine Description

Produced from pure Nebbiolo it is the perfect everyday drinking wine due to its silky simplicity and ease of drinkability, though it does not fall short on more important occasions. A transparent garnet color surprises with its mild floral tones which lead up to a fresh fruity and harmonious character. Pleasant and joyous, it works well with food, and does very well with the traditional Valtellina cuisine. Serving Temperature: 12-15°C


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