Susucaru 4 2011

Winery: Frank Cornelissen
Region: Sicilia
Wine Area: Etna
Grape Variety: Inzolia
Nerello Mascalese
Products: Rosé
Price: 595,- Kč

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Frank’s rosato saw the light of day in a peculiar way.


Frank’s rosato saw the light of day in a peculiar way. He had Malvasia grapes (which he really likes!) and he didn’t know what to do with them. He diluted them with some Inzolia (another less complex white variety). Then Frank blended Nerello Mascalese (nobile grape!) into it and fermented the whole mass together. Thus, a rosato with a long maceration, according to Frank’s principles.
The soil composition is lavic, volcanic, pure basalt rock. The subsoil is pure basalt. The exposition is north, north-east.
Susucaru is a blend of Malvasia 60%, Inzolia and Minella 20%, and Nerello Mascalese 20%.
The grand cru vineyards are Contrada Verzella, Contrada Rovitello, Contrada Calderara and Contrada Marchesa. It is impossible to give an exact figure as the the vineyard extension that goes into making this wine, since the declassified grapes for Magma Rosso and Rosso del Mongibello end up in this Cuvée. In general, the grapes destined for use in this wine are in part also destined for Magma or Mongibello (for the latter wines only the best esposition areas are used). The yield per plant is approximately 1,000gr. The youngest plants are two years, in production from 2012, and the oldest are over 50 years. The average age might be approximately 30 years.
Mechanical crushing. Fermentation with the whole grape (without stems) in 500-1,000l high density polyethylene tubs. Pressing of the skins after the malolactic fermentation between end December/beginning January. Only the flower, or free-running juice, is used.
Decantation in glass-lined amphorae for the time it takes to clarify the wine. Bottling during the appropriate moon phase in February without clarification or filtration.
The wine has a total sulphite level of 15mg/l which the wine develops naturally. The level depends on the vintage. No products are added.
Depending on the vintage the production is between 500 and 900 bottles per year.

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