Vin Santo La Sorpresa 2007 37.5cl

Winery: Pacina
Region: Toscana
Grape Variety: Malvasia
Products: Sweet White
Price: 1 195,- Kč

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Vin Santo sees the test of time.


Technically this wine is not a Vin Santo, since it has a lower alcohol level than the required 13.5 percent in order to pass the DOCG. How wineries can achieve this every year if they are not tinkering with the wine and leaving the caratelli sealed for minimum 4-5 years, is fascinating to me. What I do know is that Pacina never shuns the challenge. Not only is it a genuine Vin Santo, it’s also one of the very best I’ve had. Left to the elements summer and winter for five years in the authentic, old caratelli, Vin Santo sees the test of time. There are different styles of Vin Santo, most are industrial and only good for dipping cantuccini in if the cantuccini are mediocre. Others are very atticy presumably because the producer would rather stick with tradition than produce good wine. Others again are very alcoholic and I always get the feeling that they are either using an elite strain of selected yeasts to bulldoze through the sugar or they’re simply fortifying the wine. Pacina keeps it vinous, so that the unavoidable and very characteristic oxidization process doesn’t characterize the whole wine, and so that the delicious berry grape sultana happy notes remain central.


Wine name: La Sorpresa
Producer: Pacina
Vintage: 2007
Appellation: IGT Toscana
Grape Varieties: Trebbiano Toscano 50%, Malvasia del Chianti 50%
Fermentation tanks: small barrels of chestnut between 50 - 100 liters
Yeasts: Natural
Maceration: we let our grapes fade on straw for three months
Malolactic: chesnut barrels
Aged in: small barrels of chestnut between 50 - 100 liters
Aged for: 5 Years
Clarification/Filtration: dutch weave filter cloth
Alcohol Content: 9.8 % vol.
Total Production: 900 (0.375lt) bottles
Altitude: 330 m
Soil: Sand + Clay
Year planted: 1972
Density: 3500 vines/hectare
Yield: 30 Ql per Hectare

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